Places make an impression on us - so we make an impression of them. 

‘Landscapes’ appeal to almost everyone.  Most people enjoy seeing natural landforms like mountains, fields, rivers, beaches and prairies presented in an appealing fashion.  

‘Streetscapes’  are not usually as harmonious.  

Evidence of human habitation - the good the bad and the utilitarian - is found while walking down any city street.  The road, adjoining buildings, street furniture, trees and open spaces, public art, and traffic signs combine visually to form the street's character.

The first example of Streetscapes is from Northern Ireland. The images in this series show a bit of what Belfast looked like in April 2017. 

Urban environments develop over long periods of time, either through careful planning or, just as often, by independent-minded people doing what seems convenient or cost effective or charming. The results, whether in good or bad taste, can last lifetimes.