Know your place.

It's six weeks until the art show and workshop that I have been planning over the past year. The Hand Drawn Map workshop has only one space remaining. I had followed Jocelyn Curry's work for years before approaching her about coming to Sidney from Seattle, Washington to teach this two day class. Now the organizing and promotion work is mostly behind and I can look forward to learning along with the other registrants. The art show planning is nearly completed and the promotion has begun.  I'm looking forward to showing my photography (some from the archives and much that is new) including a project from my walk of every street in Sidney in the month of January. 85 kilometres of GPS tracks and hundreds of snapshots will result in a view of the town that I hope people will find interesting.  

The 'Know your place.' exhibit and sale promises to be a very worthwhile experience thanks to the seven artists who are also exhibiting their work:   Colleen Golumbia   Norma Lofthouse   Dale MacEwan   Terry Murray   Pamela Truscott-White    Lesley Turner   Jean Weller

"This exhibit features photographer Sherley Gordon Edey with seven other artists working in fabric, fibre, clay and wood.  

The organizing statement ‘Know Your Place.’ offers multiple meanings.  

   Know where you live – your community, your country.

   Know the geography that makes you feel at home.

   Know who you are and where you fit in. 

   Know when you have a unique contribution to make. 

   Know when it is time to be silent or step away.   

United by a spirit of inquiry, these eight artists offer their interpretations in the upcoming show."


Thanks to the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula for offering a weeks' space at the Community Arts Centre in Sidney at a very reasonable cost and their support in promoting the workshop and show.