Streetscapes: Prince Rupert

On April 9, 1914 the first passenger train arrived in Prince Rupert. Years earlier the original town plan for Prince Rupert had been commissioned by the President of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Charles M. Hays. Hays hired Brett and Hall, well known landscape architects from Boston. Brett had worked with the famous American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted whose work included plans for Central Park in New York, Mount Royal in Montreal and  many other parks, estates and campuses across North America. Using the landscape design principles established by Olmsted, Brett and Hall designed a classical layout with a Beaux Arts theme. In 1938, Federal Building, now the the city hall, was constructed in the Art Deco style. The First Nations motifs were added much later. 

This is hardly the forum for a long history lesson but the story of Prince Rupert's urban design is a compelling illustration of the development of the Canadian West. 

Check out Redesigning Rupert at to see what updates the community has in mind.