Cards Available at Breadstuffs Bakery in Brentwood Bay

'From the Prairies' images are on display at Breadstuffs. As people seem to be enjoying the work, I have produced signed and dated cards with the description on the reverse. The 5 x 7 cards are individually printed on heavy watercolour paper and come with a coordinating envelope. 

Standard mats and frames to fit this size are readily available.

The cards are $5.00 including tax.

Sidney Fine Art Show 2015

Here are my entries to the Sidney Fine Art Show 2015. All three were sold at the show and I am very grateful for the encouragement! 

Far and Wide I and II received an Honourable Mention at the Sidney Fine Art Show 2015. 

FAR AND WIDE I           Patricia Bay North Saanich BC             8 x 36 print      Limited Edition of 10             

FAR AND WIDE II    Crofton Harbour BC                                8 x 36 print    Limited Edition of 10

FLEETING YEARS      Cowichan Valley BC           13 x 31 print            Limited Edition of 10          William Wordsworth, Ode to a Snowdrop  

A HUNDRED HANKIES      'a hundred hankies in a hundred year old cherry tree for the women who shed sweat and tears making this island their own'             16 x 20 print  Limited Edition of 10 

Sidney Fine Art Show 2015

My three entries to the Sidney show were all accepted this year and Far and Wide I and II was awarded an Honourable Mention.  The show features about 200 local artists and is on display at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney Friday Saturday and Sunday October 16 - 19. 

Six Weeks in Middle England

This summer offered six weeks of staying in someone else's house in England. With a car to drive and the Olympus M5 camera in hand  (small and reasonably inconspicuous) many images were made - mostly as a record of the travels. One collection emerged from the journey and you can check it out in the Nowhere Fast Some Where Slow gallery. 

Grit+Good Work

This collection has recently been hung at Breadstuffs Bakery where you can view the six images along with a few words from each contributor. This series of 'hand portraits' is to be continued. 


Lilacs is a set of four images illustrating the journey of a wonderful bunch of lilacs from a recent trip to Saltspring. They were hung at the bakery on Tuesday 12 May. These are 12 x 18 prints in 18 x 24 frames. 

Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Show April 25 and 26 2015

This weekend at the Mary Winspear there is a great collection of work by local artists. I have two mixed media pastels in the show. The Beaten Path is an interpretation of walking into the Bois de Boulogne forest in Paris. The other, Heading Home, represents the experience of looking out from Coles Bay toward the horizon. 

A Sense of Place

Recognizing where you are and feeling you belong. 

"Many people in the 21st century spend so much time online, in their cars, at Starbucks, or in an office that they may have little connection to any unique place." The Art of Geography




Having been in Belgium and France this August and September helped put some place names and significant events of WWI and WWII in perspective. It is not possible to  comprehend the magnitude of the events and the suffering they caused but  it is important to try. We must not forget. 


I have been working with hand colouring photographs with pastel over the past several years. Recently I have been creating pictures from memories of geography and experiences. I entered one entitled Four Part Harmony in the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Spring Show in May and was pleased that it received a Jurors' Choice and also sold. 


I started out with the shoe idea, believing that some soulful still lifes images of footwear would have something to say.  Many an attempt missed the mark completely. I will continue the pursuit of real feet in real shoes that find themselves quite at home in our wet and wonderful west coast environment. Explaining how I understand Wabi Sabi and shoes will take a little longer but I hope the collection gives some clues. 

Looking Back

Trying to make sense of where I have been with photography and where I would like to go, I have gathered up some past collections for the website.  

Sidney Fine Art Show 2013

The Sidney Fine Art Show will be on at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney October 18-20. I am very pleased to have had all three of my entries accepted again this year. The highlight of the 2012 show for me was being awarded a Jurors' Prize for the portrait "As You Will". 


The passing of the generations brings new concepts. Now there are global citizens who identify readily with a number of countries - or perhaps with the world as a whole. This seeking of a geography that makes us feel at home may be aging news. Pico Iyer says that home happens when we recognize ourselves. Be still and feel who you are. But speaking just for myself, I see myself in the familiar landscapes and artifacts. Home has an address and a landline.